Engineering& Molding

Time is money. For custom silicone products, to earn more time for customers, our product designers can help customer finish product 3D drawing in 3-5 days, and structural engineers finish mold 3D drawing in 2-3 days. Our in-house mold making engineers can speed up the prototype tool to be finished within 5-7 days and production too within 10- 25 days. Not only we can customized according to customer’s 3D drawing, but also we’re able to help customer make their idea or picture to reality.


As solid silicone is a kind of semi-transparent raw materials, to be able molding while in heating, we’ll need the process of mixing. Adding vulcanization agent, sometimes with coloring agent according to Pantone color number, it usually takes about 30 minutes to finish mixing 20KGS silicone raw materials. While in mixing, the environment should be clean, and our workers wear anti-static clothing and clean cap. After mixing, the silicone will be cut into pieces and packed with PE film, to make sure the silicone to be as clean as possible before molding.


IPQC stands for In Process Quality Control. These are inspections that are carried out before the manufacturing process is completed. The function of in-process controls is monitoring and if necessary adaption of the manufacturing process in order to comply with the specifications. This may include control of equipment and environment too. In-process materials should be tested for identity, strength, quality and purity as appropriate and approved or rejected by the quality control unit during the production process.

Xufusilicone’s QE have corresponding testing instruments and quality standard help them control the IPQC process very well.

Customized Packing

As product packaging is a marketing tool, more and more customers would prefer to customize their own packaging, to differentiate their brands to other competitors. To save customer’s time and production costs, Xufusilicone has a 10 years experience packing designer, well know all kinds of packing materials, help customers customize their own packing.


Xufusilicone’s warehouse covers over 1000 square meters, not only we offer a safe place to keep customers goods, but also we produce our own products in stock, to offer customers ready-to-ship products, to save the lead time and customer’s production costs.

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