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Best Silicone Suction Plate You Should Have in 2021
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Silicone suction plate is an all-in-one plate that helps in self-feeding without the mess. These silicone baby plates

are manufactured by the compression over-molding process and are food grade safe that is completely healthy

and safe to use. Perfect for importers and distributors that need kids essentials as kids will enjoy the aesthetic

designs and vibrant colors of these bi-color silicone suction plates.


Moreover, these are designed in a way to ensure the no-spill of meals while helping children to eat smoothly.

Additionally, the silicone placemat is there to catch spills and crumbs. Another major benefit is that they include

suction to keep the plate in position on a table or chair if kids try to throw it away. Moreover, with a boundary

of a plate, kids can scoop meals into the mouth more efficiently, and eventually, the lesser meal ends up on

the table or floor. Thus, choose a silicone divided plate that is highly durable, strong, effective in operation,

simple to manufacture, delightful in appearance, and relatively inexpensive.

The problem with traditional undivided silicone suction plate is that when different servings of meals are placed on a plate, they

have the ability to merge together. So, one vegetable may mix with others or may intermix with fruit or cereal.

To keeps the food contents on the plate separated, our suction plates have a plurality of compartments to

contain different servings. Different sections with strong suction allow no mess at mealtime! The portability

allows to have a safe and secure eating space for kids anywhere, anytime. These silicone plates are extremely

durable as they are 3 times thicker as compare to other feeding plates in the market.


The size of unique unicorn and crab silicone suction plate is wide enough to manage the area in kid's reach. It is highly slip-resistant

and fits on any highchair or other surfaces perfectly. Can withstand the temperatures between -40 Celsius degrees to

220 Celsius degrees. The most widespread shore A scale has been used and measures 40 shore A which indicates

medium softness, flexibility, and stiffness of the materia

Silicone suction plate

The exceptional 3D design helps kids to learn and practice right table manners and hence brands and distributors 

can successfully deliver these suction plates to all the sectors looking for quality kids products. These amazing suction

dishes serve as both, a baby placemat and an eating dish. The ingenious design enables one to hold solids like fruits,

oatmeal, vegetables, and liquids like cereal and soup with ease.



Unicorn silicone suction plate:

Width: 27cm

Height: 21cm

Depth: 2.5cm

Weight: 288g

Sections: 04 (15ml, 30ml, 40ml, 10)


Crab silicone suction plate:

Width: 27cm

Height: 20cm

Depth: 2.5cm

Weight: 285g

Sections: 04 (40ml, 40ml, 60ml, 90)


● Silicone suction plates are made of FDA, LFGB approved, and 100% non-toxic platinum food grade silicone which

    makes them an excellent eco-friendly choice.

● Strong suction ensures the placement of the plate in a single attached position.

● Eliminates mealtime mess through its properly divided placement feature and can be reused again and again.

● Another superb perk of this plate is its raised edges that promote self-feeding while eliminating the chances of

   meal and crumb spills.

● This silicone suction plate is not only dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe but also oven safe.

● 100% leak-proof – as meals for toddlers and kids contain relatively more liquids and are soupy.

● Longevity (material will not fade, wear, or corrode). Your silicone divided dishes will not break if dropped or

   thrown from a high chair or table.

● Stain-resistance is another excellent benefit. The baby silicone suction plates will neither lose its original color nor being

   stained or contaminate over a period of time.

● The compact design of these silicone grip dishes makes them easy to clean.

● These grab-and-go lightweight toddler plates are perfect for dinners out and fit fine even in diaper bags.

● Alluring designs and vivacious candy colors are available.

● BPA and PVC free material has used as they impose severe health risks. We have considered immune system 

   of babies to eliminate the tendency of hazardous toxins to leach into kid's meals.

● Does not encourage the growth of bacteria, fungus, or mold.

To experience the long lastingness of silicone Suction plates, do not use sharp tools or knives on it. If you do not have

to use the plates for a long time then store them in a cool dry place. Do not wash the plates with cold water immediately

after taking them out of the microwave to extend its life. Do not disclose to direct sunlight.



Feeding kids is a very messy experience as many kids and toddlers just grab their food and throw it away on the floor or

continuously insist the parents to do the same. Sometimes, they squash meals in their hands, deliberately dribble and spit,

talk with a mouth full or leave their meal uneaten. It is fun for them and their way to communicate. Not to mention the fatigue

and exhaustion on parents that appear from putting their efforts and time to prepare the meal, constant cleaning-up the mess

created by toddlers, and stressing about their kid is not eating properly.


To prevent the spillage from bowls and plates is very challenging as the parents or caregivers mostly hold a plate by hand

to save it from being spilled, tipped, or knock-off, but mostly it does. Hence, use Xufusilicone’s cheerful bi-color silicone suction

plates so that kids cannot unstick the plate and try to throw the meal across the room. These plates come in various bright

cheerful colors with cute crab and unicorn designs that will compel the kids to love their food. The raised edges of the plate

make sure that the contents stay inside when kids move around their forks and spoons and can learn the use of utensils




Furthermore, this child feeding plate is handy for serving a wide variety of foods both inside and outside the grooved areas.

The problems of safely holding dishes are not only restricted to kids. Many conditions exist where food plates can spill or fall

because they are not firmly held. Furthermore, having a meal in a moving environment like an aircraft or vehicle using

conventional plates without holders may cause breakage or spills. The strong suction eliminates the chances of accidental

spillage while feeding a toddler.


In many homes, people do not use bowls and dishes for children instead of directly place their food on the surface of the table,

which leads to numerous negative consequences. The surface may contain chemical residues and may be unsanitary that may

contaminate the food. Moreover, many tables are covered with a tablecloth, so, cleaning up the table where children have eaten

directly from its surface is difficult and messy.


Kids find it complicated to use utensils to scoop the meal directly from the surface so they start to use their fingers, which might

delay the learning of using utensils properly. Even a paper placemat is not a good option as kid's foods contain liquids and are a bit

runny usually. A great alternative to get away with these problems is to use a plate that is attached to the table and can contain

food properly. Some traditional child feeding plates do not have a suction feature and hence kids can easily throw the food

contents on the floor. Therefore, Xufusilicone’s silicone divided plates are the best choice as it is the most economical,

easiest, and practical solution to all the problems.


Another feature that makes it the best choice is appropriate portions that will allow the parents to introduce several

nutritious food items to kids. The brands and companies seeking to have kid's products can offer these plates as parents

are most concerned about the health of their children.



For the best experience with these child feeding plates, make sure the surface where the plate will be placed is clean

and free from scratches or cuts. Clean the plate first using dishwasher and rinse thoroughly with water to take out

any soapy residue. To suction the plate on the surface, push down steadily around the center of the plate. If you want

to get more suction then press down the empty plate on the surface. Once the strong suction has been created, now

add the food items. After finishing the meal, take it out from and the surface, wash it with a dishwasher and rinse it

thoroughly with warm water.


As every parent knows, toddlers and kids do not tend to have exemplary table manners and primarily are messy eaters.

Frequently, more meal ends up on the surrounding area of the plate than is consumed by kids. Therefore, people use

our suction plates that stick to the surface and eliminate the chances for kids to move around their plates and encourage

self-feeding. Our suction plates are designed for easy washing which makes it easy to remove all the caked-in meal contents.

Another major benefit is that the plates are compartmentalized to keep the meal separate. The unicorn and crab designs

seem most appealing to kids. These plates are portable and its marvelous colors are perfect to engage kids with their food.


Without forgetting the fact that these plates have been manufactured with non-toxic BPA free platinum food grade silicone,

which is odorless and highly resistant to degradation and damage, and does not crumble, peel or become brittle over time.

Also, the product is produced using a compression overmolding technique that offers significant benefits including

decreased tooling cost, cycle time, and improved performance.


Our prime concern is the health of babies that is why non-phthalates material has been used because there is a 72% to 78%

risk that Phthalates can develop asthma and can be harmful to kids. In addition to that, these silicone divided dishes are

100% latex-free because some kids have latex allergies by birth and there is no known cure for this. So, our esteemed clients

can now feel deep gratification as their ordered products will be 100% non-harmful.

To provide premium quality, we monitor the products on each stage from the beginning of production to packaging.

The MOQ of these silicone suction plates is 500pcs. Having a ready stock, free samples are always available.

The customers only need to pay the courier freight cost. The price will always comply with the number of orders.

Rest assured you will get the most cost-efficient competitive price as compare to other suppliers and manufacturers

without the quality being compromised.


We warmly welcome your ideas and concepts if you have any special requirements. You can share your customized

color specifications, your custom logo, and its size. Our experienced and skilled engineers would love to make your ideas

into sample art-work. After your approval, bulk manufacturing will be accomplished. We also provide private label packaging

that suits your needs. We are extremely positive about custom new designs with custom sizes of products.


It takes time for kids to learn how to use utensils. Therefore, start using these eco-friendly silicone suction plates now

and see the result over time. Not only you will get rid of the mealtime mess and post clean-up duty, but kids will love to eat

their foods as the partition of food inside a unicorn or crab make things fun for them. And eventually, a safe and germs

free product will give you deep satisfaction that you all are waiting for!



1. Q: How many patterns are available for the silicone suction plate?

A: Currently, we just have Unicorn and Crab patterns available for selling. Customized patterns are highly welcome.

2. Q: Is the silicone suction plate FDA or LFGB approved?

A: The raw materials we're using is FDA& LFGB approved. If customers failed the FDA or LFGB tests, we will refund

full payments and cover the testing costs for you.

3. Q: What is the packaging?

A: We're using standard export packing, i.e., 1pc/ OPP bag, and 20 sets/ carton. Highly welcome private label packaging.

4. Q: What's the MOQ?

A: The MOQ is 500pcs/ color/ pattern.

5. Q: I'm a distributors or importers, can i add my own LOGO on the Suction Plate?

A: Yes, we welcome printing LOGO by silkscreen printing or pad printing.

6. Q: Do you sell other silicone products except baby suction plates?

A: Yes, we offer eco-friendly and premium quality silicone products, click here to view more.

7. Q: Why do you use the compression molding process to manufacture silcione divided plates?

A: For this kind of multi-colors, by over-molding can save both tooling costs and production costs, and customers can

order their favorite colors with small MOQ. We're experienced in compression overmolding process because it can

smoothly be implemented while reducing the material usage, overall weight and consequently it is structurally

reliable and strong.

8. Q: Can I share my 3D drawings to get samples accordingly before mass production?

A: Yes, we will greatly appreciate your offered 3D drawings and our qualified and knowledgeable product designers

will make a prototype for your approval before mass production.


For more information or question, please feel free to contact us. We're looking forward to hearing from you.

07 September 2020

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