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Reusable Silicone Food Bags-An Alternative Solution of Plastic Bags
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One-time use of plastic bags was made for comfort and convenience, but there is no doubt that plastic is toxic for humans,

animals, and the environment. Therefore, you have given an alternative solution to plastic bags. Whether you want to save

a few bucks or you are an Eco-warrior, incorporating reusable silicone food bags, into your lives is an excellent way to

decrease your household waste and to protect the environment from being polluted.


Aiming to effectively meet customer requirements with classy taste, we are offering premium quality reusable silicone

food storage bags that are achieving tremendous popularity in the market. These products are admired for their longevity,

user-friendliness, lightweight, and convenience. These silicone food bags are used to store foods and several other products

to protect from moisture in a hygienic manner. Furthermore, you can get these ideal reusable silicone food bags at nominal rates.

● Why Use Reusable Silicone Food Bags Instead Of Disposable Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags are made up of petrochemicals, which makes the plastic non-renewable. They last for years. As people

use more disposable plastics, they raise the possibilities of environmental damage. Toxic gases are produced in both

the creating and recycling process of plastic which stays in the air and causes land and water pollution.


Around 25 death reports of young children related to plastic-bags are received by the Consumer Product Safety Commission

every year. If you do not carefully dispose of a plastic bag, it becomes devastating to animals and wildlife as well. Therefore,

countries including England, Germany, Italy, Canada and few others have fully or partially banned the use of disposable

plastic bags.


● Introducing The Best Reusable Silicone Storage Bags Produced by XUFU

Being professional manufacturers, we aspire to produce high-quality products to achieve maximum satisfaction.

Our qualified experts procure the supreme quality material for the manufacturing of our offered reusable silicone food bags.


You are going to have the ideal food storage bag that is non-allergenic, non-reactive, non-toxic, and hygienic. It does not

matter what liquid or food you place inside the bag, it will last longer and stay fresh and hygienic without being contaminated.

In addition to this, our silicone food bags are immensely cherished and recommended owing to their attributes such as

cost-effectiveness,  elevated durability, dimensional accuracy, reliability, tear resistance, industry-approved attractive design,

waterproof and leak-proof nature, these products are highly demanded in the market.


Your time spent in the kitchen can be reduced by using our convenient food storage bags to cook, store, freeze, and warm up

a meal. Thanks to the see-through effect, now there is no need to use markers to label your leftovers. (Now, you’ve also saved

labels. ) You can easily view internal items without opening them. Our silicone bags make excellent on-the-go storage for

picnics and lunches. You can also take these to your camping and hiking trips.


● The Benefits You Will Get By Using Reusable Silicone Food Saver Are: 

⚬ Multiple Sizes & Capacities

Size and capacity do matter. To cater to the diverse requirements of our customers, we are offering these silicone food bags

in different specifications. You will get the reusable silicone food bags in 3 different sizes and capacities.


S(500ml): 175*165mm (98g)

M(1000ml): 198*205mm (145g)

L (1500ml): 235*250mm (198g)


You can avail our offered product in a variety of widths, lengths, colors, thicknesses according to your preferences and needs.


⚬ Cost-Effective

No more tossing away disposable plastic bags after a one time use. This alternative solution to plastic bags is washable

which makes them more convenient and cost-effective. Our esteemed clients get their orders within the stipulated time frame

and at feasible factory prices. Now you can never run out of storage bags ever!


⚬ Temperature Resistant Silicone

Strongly resistant to damage and degradation from extreme temperatures. These bags can withstand the temperature of

-40 Celsius degrees to 240 Celsius degrees. You will be able to put these bags in the oven, freezer, and microwave.

⚬ Premium Quality Durable Silicone Material

The silicone used in these reusable food bags is 100% food-grade silicone and is FDA approved. This material is tougher

and reliable than the plastic disposable bags. You will get the extra thick and tear-resistant bag that can fit in any bag with

no spills and leaks. These silicone storage bags do not crumble, harden, dry out, peel, crack, or become breakable over time.

These bags can be reused thousands of times, making it decreases the waste of disposable plastic bags. We take pride in

our accurate and precise product testing to ensure you get the flawless and safe and harmless products.


⚬ Leak-Proof

The reusable food storage bags feature an airtight sealing technology that is more leak-proof, waterproof, and hygienic.

These bags can blockade freezer burn while preserving the taste. Perfect for preserving food and liquids while keeping

the odors inside. Now you can store your soup or juice without having to worry about the spilled liquid in your refrigerator.

Ideal for marinating fish, meat, chicken, and vegetables.


⚬ Easy To Clean & Dishwasher Safe

Cleaning these reusable silicone food bags is easy and quick. Just toss these bags into the dishwasher. Or rinse it

thoroughly with water, then take a towel or a piece of soft cloth to dry it out and to avoid water spots. Now simply

hang the food bags upside down to fully dry it. Because of high-quality silicone, the provided product will never give

you a terrible odor.

⚬ Cut Down Plastic Waste

Use these eco-friendly reusable silicone food bags for the safety of human health, environment, animals, and wildlife.

One silicone food bag is the replacement of around 300 disposable plastic bags. Not only you can save our planet by

using these bags but can save your money as well.


⚬ Multi-Purpose

Our offered silicone storage bags can keep your food products fresh while preserving the original taste. Moreover, you

can also use them to store snacks, sandwiches, fruits, salads, frozen foods, cookies, cereal, and even cosmetics products,

office supplies, stationery, and travel accessories too.


⚬ Multiple Colors

Your elegant kitchen requires a pop of colors. You can get these food storage bags in 5 different colors. Now you have the

choice to select the color and brighten up your kitchen!


⚬ Stand-Up Design

The stand-up design allows you to place them easily in an oven, freezer, or microwave. Neither they need any support to

keep them stand-up nor they bend over with the weight of the food.


⚬ Sous Vide Safe

This 100% silicone food bag is perfect for sous vide cooking. Strong enough to withstand a wide range of temperatures.

Fish, roasts, steaks, chicken breasts, vegetables, or pork can be cooked easily.


⚬ Satisfaction Guaranteed

We implement advanced and progressive technology to surpass the upcoming specifications of our valued clientele.

You will be given the product that is stringently inspected on various quality parameters to guarantee their strong

development and incredible execution.


How To Use The Reusable Silicone Food Storage Bags?

The versatility of these bags including its airtight closure and leak-proof quality makes them easygoing for everyday use.

Our reusable silicone sandwich bags are easy to use. A vertical box is designed on the front side of the bag to indicate

the limit you should not exceed while putting your contents.


The see-through effect of the bags allows you to get a clear visual of the product you put inside the bag. Now it is easier

for you to see the product you want to use without opening all of the bags to find out one specific thing.


Another major benefit you will get with this silicone food bag is it has a weekday indicator knob on the front side of the bag.

You do not have to remember all the time when you have stored the particular stuff in the fridge. You can set the knob on

the day of storing your contents and can easily see any time.


These food storage bags are appreciated for their long lastingness, low maintenance, easy to use, and high performance.

Our qualified experts manufacture these silicone food bags with rigorous technical proficiency to enhance the functioning

process and stability of the product.


● Where You Can Use Reusable Silicone Food Bags?

 Ideal to store leftovers from meals. Keeps the leftovers fresh without changing its taste.

 The on-the-go design of these silicone food bags allows you to pack snacks and can take it with yourself anywhere.

⚬ The airtight and leak-proof seal makes it perfect to preserve juices and chopped fruits.

 You can make the best roasts, vegetables, steaks, etc. with sous vide cooking procedure.

 Other than storing food products, you can use these silicone food bags to keep medical supplies and make a

first aid kit for travel.

⚬ You can take these bags to beaches or pools to protect your wallet phones and keys from water and sand.

⚬ You can pack snacks or zero waste lunch for a camping or road trip.

 Organize your purses by keeping your makeup items in these bags.

 You can pack your toiletries and liquids to take it with you on a flight.

 You can use it as a cooler pack by putting ice in it.

⚬ As they are heat resistant, they can be used as a heating pad too, and so on.


● Let's Protect The Only Planet We're Living In!

Environmental protection should be our core focus. The drawbacks of plastics are unavoidable. Therefore, we are

providing an alternative solution. Picking out eco-friendly products is like taking a right decision nowadays. It will

show that you want to see everyone as healthy as you and to make the environment clean. Do your part to stop

plastic pollution. Make the smart switch!


You will get factory price on purchasing these food storage bags. Low MOQ is available. These cost-effective

reusable silicone food bags will help you save your money and our earth. If we need our planet and its resources,

then we should support the use of these modern environment-friendly products. This is a small act that will bring

a big impact. Let’s take this one simple step to reduce plastic pollution.



● Why Shall You Purchase XUFU's Reusable Silicone Food Fresh Keeping Bags?

With quality being the core concern, we are dedicated to providing you flawless products that are tested according

to set quality norms. You will not only get superior quality and features but also the durability and reliability of products

at reasonable pricing. You can expect on-time delivery of bulk orders because of our competent professionals and

enhanced infrastructure.


Backed by considerable industry experience of more than 10 years, our zealous team has effectively blended modern

science with traditional science to bring forth innovative products. We highly welcome the customizations as per the

specifications of our esteemed clients. Empowered with technical knowledge, our expert packaging designers offer

an extensive range of Private Label Packaging. Make your reusable silicone food bags stand out from the crowd.


Whether you are a distributor or importer, these silicone food bags can be personalized with pad printing. These bags

can be embellished as you may wish. You can provide your own logo or brand design to make these bags colorful

and elegant. We accept your custom designs in the form of Illustrator (.ai) and Photoshop (.psd) file format. 


Xufusilicone offers free samples to the customers for evaluation. We welcome you to place sample orders to check

and test the quality of our silicone food bags. Only the freight cost to be paid by the client.


Your satisfaction is our prime priority. We never disappoint our valued clients. Our experienced professional takes

stringent quality control measures to ensure that the required quality standards are maintained. In case you do not

like our reusable food storage bags, you will be given excellent customer service. You can simply return the products

with handles within 30 days for a complete refund or replacement.


We would like to thank you for your consideration and attention over here. We are looking forward to a long-term

business relationship. 



1. Q: How many sizes are there for the reusable silicone food bag?

A: Currently, we have 3 sizes available, i.e., 500ml, 1000ml and 1500ml.

2. Q: Is the silicone food bag leak proof?

A: Yes, we designed the reusable food bag to be leak proof.

3. Q: How can I get a free sample?

A: Free samples can be offered, shipping costs to be paid by customers.

4. Q: What's the mold process of the reusable food saver?

A: The silicone food bag is processed by compression overmolding.

5. Q: Can I customize may own LOGO or color?

A: Yes, we highly welcome customized colors, printing logos or designs.

6. Q: What's the packaging of this silicone sandwich bag?

A: We have standard export packing, 1pc/ OPP bag, 50 pcs/ carton. Meanwhile, we warmly welcome private label packaging.


Should any further questions or needs, welcome to contact us.

07 August 2020

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