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Here are the New Coming Silicone Baby Teethers You Can’t Miss!
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The baby teether also named baby soother, which is made of the most safe and non-toxic food grade silicone,

can also be called silicone baby teethersThe teething soothers can massage babies’ gums, by sucking and biting,

it will promote their balance of eyes with hands. Also, the silicone baby teether can be the toys of babies, to promote

the cognition of the color and shape. According to different stages, there are various baby teething toys available.


When the teeth don’t officially grown, it has made the baby feel uncomfortable with the gums. At this stage, you can

put the teether into the refrigerator first. The cold touch can relieve the swollen and painful teeth of the baby before

teething. The snail baby teether can be worn on the baby's hand and will not come off easily, so as to avoid the baby

picking up the fallen gum and biting.

In the 6 month, a pair of milk incisors in the lower jaw begin to grow. At this time, using freezer teether to massage

the soft milk incisors to relieve discomfort; hard teether will massage the teeth, and the uneven surface of the teether

will stimulate the baby's brain. This windmill silicone teether with different texture, and the pink ball with rattle sound,

it’s a baby teether, also a teething toy.

When the baby grows 4 front teeth and 4 fangs (canine teeth), it is recommended to use a pacifier tooth shape similar to

the pacifier, lighter weight, easy to grip, soft and hard texture layer massage new teeth around the gum, to make the baby

experience the feeling of chewing. In this period, you will need below silicone teeth brush, it can brush babies’ teeth,

at the same time, it can be used for teething, how perfect it is!

1 -2 years old is the period of long-term deciduous molars. Choose solid teether that can reach the range of large teeth.

The baffle prevents the throat from being touched. The soft and hard texture layer can reduce the gingival pain which 

caused by the large teeth.It is helpful to stronger the tooth development and exercise chewing ability. Now, you’ll need

this cute silicone bunny teether with big thick ears.

Choose two or more teethers in turn. When the teething pacifiers are used for a long time, you need to check whether

the teethers are deformed, bitten or damaged. If you have these problems, please replace them immediately. Silicone

teethers can be stored in a sterilized container when not in use.

As an experienced customized silicone products factory, we have over 13 years of experience in customer service of

the world's top 500 customers in Japan and Europe, rich production experience. These are our own-designed silicone

baby teethers you can’t miss, designed by our product designers and structural engineers, with almost 15 years of

experience. Made from LFGB & FDA approved food grade silicone, premium quality, high elastic silicone, by one-piece

silicone molding, with super tear resistance and not easy to break.

NO BPA, PVC, latex, Phthalates and other chemically hazardous substances, can pass LFGB, FDA, DGCCRF and

VOC tests. Temperature resistant from minus 40 to plus 240℃, it's dishwasher, microwave and freezer Safe.

If you want to customize your own brand of silicone baby teether, contact our engineering designer to provide you

with professional advises.

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20 June 2020

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