silicone suction plate

Best Silicone Suction Plate You Should Have in 2021

07 September 2020
The Best SILICONE SUCTION PLATE YOU SHOULD HAVE IN 2020   Silicone suction plate is an all-in-one plate that helps in self-feeding without the mess. These silicone baby plates are manufactured by the compression over-molding process and are food grade safe that is completely healthy and safe to use. Perfect for importers and dist...
reusable silicone food bags

Reusable Silicone Food Bags-An Alternative Solution of Plastic Bags

07 August 2020
REUSABLE SILICONE FOOD BAGS AN ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION TO DISPOSABLE PLASTIC BAGS   One-time use of plastic bags was made for comfort and convenience, but there is no doubt that plastic is toxic for humans, animals, and the environment. Therefore, you have given an alternative solution to plastic bags. Whether you want to save a fe...
silicone suction bowl for baby feeding

Here is the Last Silicone Suction Bowl for Baby Feeding Moms Needed

24 July 2020
How to feed babies or toddlers without any stress? As we all know most moms are facing the same problem in feeding their babies and toddlers, they are tired of the mess and clean up stress they have always gone through during and after their baby's meal time. As a baby feeding products' distributor, you must have been feeling the...
reusable silicone food fresh keeping bag

Stop Single-Use, Try FDA Reusable Silicone Food Fresh-Keeping Bag

20 June 2020
It seems we all know that Canada aims to ban single-use plastics by 2021, most likely including plastic bags, straws, cutlery, plates and stir sticks. Canada with the world’s longest coastline, which is 151,019 miles, and a quarter of the world’s fresh water, now joins a growing list of nations taking steps to reduce the use of d...
Mosquito Repellent Silicone Wristbands

Mosquito Repellent Silicone Wristbands to Protect Your Baby in Summer

20 June 2020
Every year when summer is coming, there is joy and there is pain. With so many outdoor activities, it has so much fun, while mosquitoes make mothers and babies felt so painful. If you have worried about below problems, then you really should try this simple and classic mosquito repellent silicone wristbands, well-designed by the fa...
silicone baby teethers

Here are the New Coming Silicone Baby Teethers You Can’t Miss!

20 June 2020
The baby teether also named baby soother, which is made of the most safe and non-toxic food grade silicone, can also be called silicone baby teethers. The teething soothers can massage babies’ gums, by sucking and biting, it will promote their balance of eyes with hands. Also, the silicone baby teether can be the toys of babies, to...

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